More Than We Can Imagine

A Quick Overview

Ephesians 3:20, "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,"

Here's a quick introduction from Pastor Jordan about some of the amazing things we're seeing and the problems we are facing due to some surprising requirements on our building from the city.

State of the Church

Please take a few moments to watch Bethany Roe walk through what God has called us to in downtown Fort Myers and the current financial obstacles we are facing. This video may seem long, but we believe it best conveys our heart and shows the fuller picture of what we're facing. Thank you for taking time to consider partnering with us as we continue see the good news of the gospel flourish in downtown Fort Myers and beyond.

As of Feb. 24th, 2024, we have: $88,468.23 of $200,000.00 raised


Frequently Asked Questions
Our Plan & Problem

We are a diverse urban church plant and our strategic plan for income is from two sources: your giving and strategic rental income from both our buildings.  Currently, we have tenants waiting to pay us rent (e.g. Coffee Shop, Event Center rentals) along with various other rentals. However, just before we were to get our Occupancy permit, a single city official changed their criteria, which came as an incredible surprise.

As a church, we now have to make significant improvements including but not limited to 3 additional bathrooms, a new $20,000 voice activated fire alarm, a stage and A/V booth to reduce our occupancy load. The estimate for all improvements is $200,000.  After recovering last year from Hurricane Ian, this was not something we were expecting at all.

Our Renovation Expenses
Renovation Expenses
Bathroom Build Out, HVAC, Concrete, Fixtures, Plumbing, Architect, etc. 


Voice Evac System – Summit Fire & Security$18,217.65
Mission Community Expenses
           Stage Build (required)$8,000.00
           A/V Booth Buildout (required)$4,950.00
           Security System & Safety Updates (required)$3,000.00
           Building and Parking Signage$11,500.00
           Additional Expenses$5,000.00
   Total Mission Community Expenses$199,966.10
Our Numbers Update

Our operating expenses in 2023 were $25,000 per month and our average Operating Income each month was $21,000, which created a $48,000.00 shortfall the year following the hurricane. After Hurricane Ian, we reduced expenses as much as we could but knew there would still be a shortfall. This is a major reason, we need to move forward with our rentals and why this delay impacts us deeply.

As of February, 2023, we have seen $66,000.00 come in from Mission Community Leadership for our renovation expenses. In light of this, we have had to the majority of our savings, but we know that we need $200,000.00 to come in so that we may finish the project. Once our Occupation permit is received, we can start receiving revenue from our rentals and reduce the financial pressure on a young church.

Our Next Steps

To keep moving forward and to get back to what God has called us to,  we will need additional funds to complete this project. We are open to applying for a short-term loan, if needed, to finish the building improvements after which we anticipate our giving and rental income are projected to return MCC to a positive cashflow. However, debt comes with a risk to a young and growing church. At this point, Mission Community is debt free. 

Our Ask

We need to see a total of $200,000.00 come in over these next three months and trust that God will make a way. We are asking our church and some of our friends to consider ways they may be able to partner with us in this surprising season.

If you are able to pray with us, we greatly value your prayers. If you have creative ideas on other resources available, we would love to connect.

To partner with us in giving, please go to the Giving Section below.

Give to More Than We Can Imagine

We are not asking you to:

- stop giving to your church in the place you live
- to continually give to our church for the foreseeable future

We are asking you to:

- Pray for us, that a door would continue to open to see the good news of Jesus flourish in our city
- Pray for us to see a creative financial miracle
- Ask God if you are to partner with us in giving

All giving is tax-deductible

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Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us in person or reach out to any of us.

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