When we reflect upon our years as the Roe family, the faithfulness of God is what stands out the most. Faithfulness describes someone who is true to his word, reliable, and able to be completely trusted. We have witnessed this truth about God and are confident this is available to all who put their faith in Him. 

Though we were both raised in Christian homes, my wife Bethany and I made choices in our teenage and college years to pursue things that resulted in broken relationships, confusion, and destruction. But the kindness of the Lord brought us back to truly knowing Christ and experiencing abundant life found in Him. 

We found that when we let Him write the story, it was beyond what we could imagine. Our best ideas paled in comparison to God’s magnificent designs. Where long years of infertility should have been marked by depression and loneliness, instead they became years of laughter and joy as our home was filled with people who met Jesus and found life despite histories of addiction, failed marriages, psychiatric problems, and depression. Where family challenges should have produced instability and chaos, we found belonging through the Body of Christ. And where life-threatening illness should have brought great amounts of fear and sadness, we discovered joy and the promise of an eternity without pain and suffering. 

We have lived life for ourselves, and we have lived life with Jesus. After experiencing the two, we are ruined for anything but the adventure of a lifetime that is found in Christ. We live as if eternity matters, because we think it does. And our dream is that you will join us for a life that is extraordinary, not because of what we do, but because of who HE is. 

Southwest Florida is beautiful, but underneath the outward beauty, people are struggling. They are battling depression, homelessness, broken relationships, and pain. My wife and I don’t have all the answers, but we know Jesus does, and we invite you to join us to discover what those are and the adventure He has for your life.

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