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Please read the Mission Community Leadership Honor Code detailed in the Growth Track book and initial each statement to express your commitment.Leadership Honor Code As an essential part of the Mission Community Leadership family, you have a responsibility to develop and exhibit mature Christian behavior. This should be the basic premise of your desire to participate in a servant-leader position here at Mission Community. While serving the Body of Christ as a servant-leader at Mission Community, you pledge to present a good appearance at all times. In both attire and behavior, you should strive to demonstrate Biblical standards in all situations. As Christians, the way we present ourselves to others is of vital importance to the way others perceive Christ. Our conduct should never be an embarrassment to Christ, but should exemplify the best qualities of a mature believer and servant-leader. Exemplifying the highest moral commitment, Mission Community leaders are to maintain a disciplined life of Bible reading, prayer, and fasting. You must also refrain from such things as: • Profanity • Gambling • Indulging in much wine or other alcoholic beverages • Dishonest gain • Illicit drugs • Pornography • Sexual immorality (sexual activity outside of marriage) • All behaviors which might cause Christ to grieve and others to stumble By providing an example in speech and action, we encourage others to grow in Christ and become servant-leaders themselves. This is a way of life measured by the heart and commitment of each leader in the Mission Community family. We should regard it as an essential part of our development, not as an imposition or restriction.Having read the Mission Community Honor Code, I commit today to live by the standards expected of a leader at Mission Community. According to the Mission Community Abuse Policy Acknowledgment and I agree to report any suspected abuse to the person who oversees the area in which I serve. By signing my name below, I am stating that the information contained in this application is complete, accurate, and not misleading in any way. Should my application be accepted, I agree to comply with the policies and procedures of Mission Community partnership.
Administration, Apostleship, Craftsmanship, Discernment, Evangelism, Exhortation, Faith, Giving, Healing, Helps, Hospitality, Intercession, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Miracles, Missionary, Music/Worship, Pastor/Shepherd, Prophecy, Service, Teaching, Tongues (and Interpretation), Wisdom
Initial Launch Team Lists A-Team (Administration, Helps, Service) Our team uses our gift of administration to support Mission Community teams by using computer skills, data entry, and attention to details. Age: 18+, Background check Campus Host Team (Exhortation, Helps, Hospitality) Our team brings a personal touch to our worship experiences by hosting in the lobby, at coffee stations and in the auditorium. Outreach Team (Apostleship, Craftsmanship, Evangelism, Healing, Helps, Mercy, Missionary, Pastor/Shepherd, Service, Wisdom) Our team facilitates serving opportunities throughout our city as well as other campus outreach expressions. Background check Dream Team Check-In Team Our team serves all Dream Team members by assisting with check-in in Dream Team Central. Age: 18+, Background check Dream Team Host Team (Exhortation, Helps, Hospitality, Service) Our team hosts our Dream Team members in Dream Team Central by providing food and encouragement during services and special events. First Responders (Healing, Helps, Mercy, Miracles) Our team of health care professionals serves by providing basic medical care in the event of an accident or emergency. Medical certification, Background check Greeter Team (Exhortation, Hospitality) Our team welcomes people to Mission Community at the front doors and hands out bulletins at the entrance to the auditorium. Growth Track Host Team (Apostleship, Discernment, Exhortation, Pastor/Shepherd) Our team serves as the hosts of the Growth Track, greeting guests and providing materials and assistance to those discovering their next steps at Mission Community. Mission Community Kids Team (Craftsmanship, Exhortation, Music/Worship, Pastor/Shepherd, Service, Teaching) Our team invests in kids ages infant to 5th grade! A fun, relational, and safe place for kids to grow in God through age-appropriate activities, worship, games, small groups, and media. Background check Mission Community Youth [in the near future] (Craftsmanship, Evangelism, Exhortation, Hospitality, Music/Worship, Pastor/ Shepherd) Our team helps students get connected to our Mission Youth ministry through Small Groups, retreats, conferences, and serving at the Mission Youth table on Sundays. Background check Mission Community Worship (Music/Worship, Wisdom) Our team facilitates a powerful worship experience through vocals, instruments, and audio engineering. Training process, Background check Emerging Leaders Dream Team Our team is made up of 6th-12th graders who serve in our pre-school and Mission Kids areas. Kids Check-In Team (Administration, Discernment, Exhortation, Hospitality) Our team facilitates the check-in process in MT Kids to ensure children are cared for effectively and efficiently. Age: 18+, Background check Legacy Team (Giving) Our team uses our gift of giving to support major projects and facilitate the overall vision of the church through strategic financial offerings. Growth Track Information Team (lobby) (Exhortation, Helps, Hospitality) Our team helps people identify their next steps by providing resources and information about weekend services, Small Groups, Growth Track, and events. Parking Team (Exhortation, Hospitality) Our team serves as the first impression for those coming to Mission Community by welcoming people on and off the property and by providing a safe and efficient parking experience. Age: 15+ Prayer Team (Discernment, Evangelism, Healing, Intercession, Knowledge, Miracles, Prophecy, Tongues, Wisdom) Our team provides prayer covering for services, teams, and ministries at Mission Community. Production Team (Administration, Craftsmanship) Our team assists in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, and other visual elements. Resource Team (Administration, Helps, Service) Our team enhances the worship experience by preparing bulletins, communion elements, and providing other products or materials. Set Up/Take Down Team (Administration, Craftsmanship, Service) Our team facilitates the Mission Community experience by setting up before service and taking down after service. Small Group Leaders [in the near future] (Apostleship, Discernment, Evangelism, Exhortation, Intercession, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Missionary, Music/Worship, Pastor/Shepherd, Prophecy, Teaching, Wisdom) We are trained to facilitate Small Groups and equipped to build relationships while helping group members discover their next steps. Background check Usher Team (Discernment, Exhortation, Hospitality, Knowledge, Pastor/Shepherd, Wisdom) Our team of men assists people to their seats, facilitates the offering, and helps maintain a distraction-free service environment. Visual Arts Team (All Gifts) We help shape and create all visual design related to Mission Community including: Photography, Videos, Graphic Design, and Social Media.